Apply Now

Apply to teach a STIC for Fall 2019 by March 22nd, 2019

Who can teach?

Any UMD student (both undergraduate and graduate) can apply to teach.

Teaching a STIC is hard work, and we want you to make sure you’re up for the task. Look over this responsibilities list, and feel free to ask us about anything by messaging us on Facebook or emailing us at

When should I apply?

If your proposal is for the CMSC or MATH departments, steps 1-6 must be completed by the hard deadline March 22nd, 2019.

If your STIC proposal is for other departments, steps 1-3 must be completed by this date.

How do I apply?

Step 1: Plan Your Topic

Think about what class you would want to create, and make a 15 week schedule for it. We recommend outlining sample quizzes, homeworks, and/or tests at this time to help you adjust the scope of your class if necessary.

Step 2: Create a Full Syllabus

With your 15 week schedule completed, create a full syllabus for your course. Head over to our catalog and check our some existing syllabi (preferably from your department or ones “like” yours) as examples. In addition, we also have a syllabus template you may follow.

Step 3: Reach Out to STICs

Message us via email at or our Facebook page (whichever medium you are more responsive on). Please share with us the syllabus and class title. We will help you through the next step (finding a faculty advisor), review your materials, and advise you on anything that we think will make your class more likely to be approved by the department.

Step 4: Find a Faculty Advisor

Faculty advisors are required for every STIC. You must find a faculty advisor that is part of the department you want your class offered in (i.e., an ARTT course would have an ARTT faculty advisor). Your faculty advisor should be someone who trusts you and would feel comfortable supervising and taking responsibility for your class. You can find an outline of what to look for in a faculty advisor here.

If you are having trouble finding an advisor, we suggest cold emailing! This document may help you craft the emails.

Step 5: Review + Iterate

You will need to iterate until your faculty advisor is satisfied with the syllabus.

Step 6: Department Approval

Reach out to us again and we will submit your course proposal to your department’s director of undergraduate studies, and potentially continue to iterate on material, scope, and syllabus until the course is approved!

contact us.

Reach out to us at