This is the student-facilitator FAQ. Read the administrator version.

Who can apply to teach?

Anyone. Please note that we are limiting the number of facilitators per class to 2.

How are student facilitators compensated?

It depends on the department the class falls under. Some departments may pay facilitators as TAs, some may require it to be volunteer service, and some may offer credit as a sort of independent study.

What should I do if I want to teach?

Visit the apply page after looking at this brief checklist.

Who handles grading/grade disputes?

While the student-facilitators may handle intermediate grading on assignments like projects and quizzes, the instructor of record will be the one submitting final grades. The instructor of record also handles any grade disputes that escalate past a certain point.

What are the responsibilities of a faculty advisor?

For an informal summary of the role, check out this document.

How many credits are STICs?

STICs are offered from 1 to 2 credits.

How many STICs can I take?

As many as you want! Keep in mind that STICs may or may not help you for major requirements.

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