Who can apply to teach?

Any UMD student (both undergraduate and graduate).

What should I do?

1. Figure out what department your course would fall under. For example, “Web Development” would be Computer Science (CMSC), and “Introduction to Surgery” would be Biology (BSCI).

2. Find a faculty advisor from the department who is enthusiastic about your idea and would consider taking responsibility for your class and being the instructor of record. For a faculty advisor checklist, click here.

3. Locate multiple syllabi from the department. Use these to understand what that department wants from a syllabus. See example syllabi: MATH, ENGL, BSCI.

4. Create a syllabus for your desired course. See example STIC syllabi here, here, and here.

5. Send an email to sticsumd@gmail.com introducing yourself to us (name, proposed topic, experience with said topic). Please also mention the faculty member’s name and attach the syllabus. We’ll get back to you soon💕.

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